Are There Any Health Risks Associated with Duct Sealing in Pembroke Pines FL?

When it comes to air conditioning, it's essential to ensure that the maximum amount of air reaches its intended destination. If not, you'll notice that the system works longer and doesn't solve overheated or cold rooms. This can lead to a range of issues, from the influx of contaminants and odors from the air to safety risks derived from reverse circulation. Having your ductwork professionally sealed is essential for home comfort, health, and efficiency.

Some companies use duct sealants to finish the cleaning process, claiming that it strengthens the ducts. However, this sealant is not necessary and is made of flammable material, which can be dangerous. In many areas of the country, duct sealing and tightness tests are now mandatory at the local and state levels. Air quality control uses this high-performance coating for use in ducts, designed to bond and reinforce the duct lining or plate, seal uncoated ducts before removing them, and prevent fiberglass from spreading through the air.

Strangely enough, these two ingredients are often ignored when it comes to checking duct tightness and duct leaks. The expulsion of condensate from the evaporator coil is another problem that occurs when an undersized duct system is sealed and a variable speed fan is used. This would ensure that the ducts have sufficient capacity to be sealed; otherwise, more repairs will need to be made to the duct system. This is because the fan accelerates due to the higher static pressures generated by sealing an undersized duct system.

This has sparked renewed interest in sealing existing duct systems among HVAC professionals as awareness increases. The amount of airflow a variable speed fan moves generally remains the same when a restricted or undersized duct system is sealed. It's important to make sure you don't unintentionally sign a death warrant for HVAC equipment when sealing ductwork that may be undersized or restricted. Duct sealing is an important aspect of proper duct design, but it must be done in a properly functioning duct system.

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